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AloeValley™ is more than intestinal cleansing, AloeValley™ formulation rejuvenates your entire body. This you can feel and see as energized radiance of your skin.

AloeValley™ is a 100% pure herbal yet manufactured uniquely to pharmaceutical GMP (classified as grade D (EU grade) / class 100,000 (US class Federal Standard 209E) / ISO 8). This means that you are getting a dose of aloe vera that has been produced to the highest possible standards so that you know it is incredibly safe and powerful for better, faster results.

Over the last few years AloeValley™ has improved the lives of thousands of people just like you. Whether you are seeking relief from digestive complaints such as IBD or IBS, wish to improve your skin and help protect it from the heat of the sun, or simply want to start feeling better from the inside out then AloeValley™ can help you.

Boosted Immunity, more confidence, increased comfort. Better quality of life Anti-aging Patients who use AloeValley™ have commented that it has had a very positive effect on their lives. Some say their confidence has increased and others told us, they just feel generally better and healthier with more energy to participate in the activities they enjoy.

Why does it work?
AloeValley™ BeautyDetox contains 200 active ingredients constituting a mixture of antibiotics, pain inhibitors, cell growth stimulators, inflammation fighters, burn healers, capillary dilators and moisturizers. All your bodies daily needs to give you a healthy heart.

Arthritis, Rheumatism and Gout.
Rheumatoid arthritis is a painful condition, it manifest itself as stiff swollen joints and pain caused partly due to nerve damage. The swollen area is red in colour and inflamed (this is caused by the blood supply to the “damaged” area being increased. Conventional treatment of anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids unfortunately do not repair damaged tissues. Repairing damaged tissue by regenerating cells is a function AloeValley™ BeautyDetox succeeds in doing. It not only relieves the pain but also helps disperse damaged tissue. The success of the treatment depends considerably from person to person. With some, relief and improved joint flexibility is virtually immediate whereas in others the process can take longer.

Diabetes and Asthma
AloeValley™ BeautyDetox reduces the blood sugar levels in diabetics. Clinical trials have proved that daily aloe intake reduces the blood sugar levels by an average 45% with no change in weight. AloeValley™ BeautyDetox taken daily will enable you to cut down the dependence on the use of inhalers including steroids. These effects are due to Aloe’s innate anti- inflammatory effect acts like a steroid but without the side effect. As well as its effect on the immune system.

Bowel Problems and Ulcers
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) the most common stomach disorder whose symptoms include exhaustion, back pain, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, heartburn and indigestion. This is caused by high levels of toxin being absorbed into the blood. Daily AloeValley™ BeautyDetox has natural healing and detoxifying powers and works gently within the intestinal tract to help break down food residues and thoroughly cleanse the bowel.

Aids and HIV
AloeValley™ BeautyDetox is a proven Immune booster, as it contains an extract of mannose, one of the sugars in Aloe can inhibit HIV- I (the virus associated with AIDS). Aloe juice is a very important nutritional support for HIV Patients. Trials throughout the world show daily AloeValley™ BeautyDetox intake eliminates occurrences of opportunistic infections, thrush, fatigue and diarrhoea as well as increase in white blood cell count. All this means that patient’s immune systems were responding positively.

Skin/ Hair
AloeValley™ BeautyDetox penetrates seven layers of skin breaking down and digesting dead tissue including pus (acne). It treats Sunburn, Herpes, burns, lines of aging, irritations, infections and Eczema.

Vitamins A, B1>B2, G6, B12, C and E, Folic Acid and Niacin.

Calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc. An unbelievable daily supplement.

Sugars known as Polysaccharides / Amino Acids
Polysaccharides enhance the immune system and help to detoxify. The body needs 22 Amino Acids. And where do you get them? 30 of them from AloeValley™ BeautyDetox.

Weight and Energy levels
Aloe Beauty-Detox taken daily cleans the digestive system. The effects are a general feeling of well being, energy levels increase and a healthy body weight is maintained.

  • Promotes radiant skin complexion
  • Renews and rejuvenates
  • Clears bowel movements
  • Relieves bloating feeling
  • Burns fat deposits
  • General well being
  • Eases digestion & reduces effects of: IBD (Crohn’s Colitis),IBS Food sensitivities and peptic ulcers
  • Better looking skin anti-aging effect, reduces eczema out-break & helps heal burn injuries

AloeValley™has been specifically developed to aid you whether you want to a better skin for a boost level of confidence, lessen the effects of conditions such as IBD or IBS , or just enjoy a better quality of life with increased vitality.

Pure 100% Aloe Vera. One easy-to-swallow Soft-Gels are equivalent of over a liter of original aloe vera liquid Versatile. You can take it anyway you want to without any hassle. You don’t even need to put it in the fridge so you can take it even if you’re on the go. Take orally or break a Soft-Gel into a glass of water. You can also mix the Soft-Gel with some cream and apply in onto your skin.

The origins of Aloe Vera
Although Aloe Vera origins in Africa but was introduced to the Caribbean during the slave trade era. Throughout history and in many cultures, the aloe vera has been revered because of its medicinal characteristics. It has been and still is used as a remedy for a variety of diseases and ailments.

The Greek Dioscorides wrote about the medicinal effects of aloe in 100 BC in the first book about medicinal plants and herbs. The aloe vera was also used by the Mayas, who were famous for reaching old age while maintaining their youthful looks; they called it the forever young plant.

The healing effects of the aloe vera were also well known to various important historical celebrities: Alexander the Great had his soldiers treated with Aloe Vera gel when they were sick or injured. Columbus brought aloe vera along on his expeditions, to cure his sailors from various diseases. Cleopatra used Aloe Vera as a beauty product and she even used drops of Aloe Vera gel in her eyes, because she insisted it enhanced their natural shine!

Aloe Vera in the Far East
In Japan, the Aloe is a royal plant. Dozens of species are grown for multiple uses. The juice is drunk and the Aloe Vera plant is eaten and used in many ways. In ancient times, the samurais smeared their bodies with the pulp of Aloe Vera to chase away the demons and to render themselves immortal. The Chinese are as fond of Aloe Vera as their Japanese cousins and used it in many forms throughout the centuries, Aloe Vera has been considered as a specific medicine for the treatment of burns and skin ailments.

The poet Lui Yu Xi (8th century) recounted how as a child he was healed of a persistent eczema by a traveling herb seller. He prepared a mixture of two thirds Aloe Vera and one thirds liquorice which cured him very quickly. Aloe Vera was included in the medicinal plants reserved for the imperial family. It was included in the Ben Cao (1505), a work ordered by the emperor Xiao Zong.

The Chinese pharmacopeia of Li Shih-Shen (1518-1593) cites Aloe Vera among the plants with major therapeutic virtues and named it “the harmonious remedy”. The spines of Aloe ferox were used as acupuncture needles by the famous itinerant therapists, the “barefoot doctors”. Traditional Chinese medicine, always very precise in its pharmaceutical indications and formulations, prescribes very strict rules for the use of medicines. The phases of the moon, the height of the sun and the exact time of day when what part of the prescription is taken are a part of the indications. Today this concept is used by adepts of alternative medicine and even by some general practitioners.

Synthia Soh
52 Realtor

I’ve been using AloeValley™ for 6 months now and I have found that I’m feeling much better in general. My quality of sleep has improved and my skin has improved. All in all it’s been a great success with no negative reactions whatsoever.”

David Ng
68 Retired Taxi driver

David has suffered from Crohn’s Disease (Regional enteritis), an Inflammatory Bowel Disease during the last 14 years. He did try every medication, steroid, therapy, diet plan as well as variety of pills, but his suffering continued. David’s life was a nightmare due to constant joint pains, lethargy, diarrhoea and hunger. At this painful time of his life, he found AloeValley™ Beauty while browsing through the local pharmacies and it has changed his life for the best. Now. He eats, looks and feels great, and he thanks AloeValley™ for it. “I was not expecting such a great improvement, I love it”

Tessa Chan
36 Financfial advisor

“After trying a generic aloe vera product which worsened my condition, I trawled the internet for three days and finally decided upon AloeValley™ simply because it appeared to be the best. Happily, the effect of taking AloeValley™ was noticeable almost immediately. Within three days I was no longer in daily pain. After 3-6 months I was no longer incontinent.”
Nutrition advise corner

Given our modern style of life, the inevitable accumulation of stress, toxins and pollutant in our system it is vital to cleanse your body at least every 4 month.

Toxic deposits will affect your general well-being and your health.
The benefits of a product such as AloeValley Beauty will become very apparent to the body. Aloe vera is an incredible versatile plant with great skin benefits. The formulation of AloeValley Beauty is very balanced and will clear 99.9% of all toxins accumulated in your liver, kidney, intestinal tract and colon.
You will notice the energy boost and improved immunity buildup within the first 10 days. For people with "difficult" skin, they also will experience a visible improvement in skin health, reduction of skin flakes, redness and irritations. In some cases of severe eczema it has been reported to completely clear the rashes within the first 3 month.



Beauty & Skin Health
(2 Soft-Gels per day)
Let the magic of AloeValley nurture and pamper your skin from within, AloeValley Beauty Soft-Gel’ ability to replenish skin cells, reducing skin infections (antibacterial/antiviral) such as acne and pimples, soothing rashes, blotchy skin and eczema. AloeValley Beauty Soft-Gels “slows the skins ageing process” helping to keep the skin moist, youthful and radiant.

Morning: Take 1 Soft-Gel 20 minutes before breakfast.

Take 1 Soft-Gels 1 hour before bedtime.

Cleansing / Detox / Slimming
(9 Soft-Gels per day)
AloeValley Beauty has proven very effective thanks to its formulation and selection of “Top Quality” ingredients in alleviating digestive disorders such as: Constipation, irregular bowl movements, difficulties in passing stool, abdominal pain, bloated feeling, distention, diarrhoea, heartburn, stomach aches, cramps and reflux. Additionally, taking AloeValley Beauty supplements provides a rich mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help our bodies deal with the stresses of our everyday lives.

Morning: Take 3 Soft-Gel 20 minutes before breakfast.

Take 3 Soft-Gel 20 minutes before lunch.

Take 3 Soft-Gels 1 hour before bedtime.

If you still can not achieve 2 (two) bowl movements per day, take 1 (one) additional Soft-Gel before each meal.

Daily Health
(2 Soft-Gels per day)
AloeValley Beauty contains 200 active ingredients constituting a mixture of Vitamins (A. B1~B2, G6, B12, C and E, Folic Acid and Niacin), Minerals (Calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc), pain inhibitors, cell growth stimulators, inflammation fighters, burn healers, capillary dilators and moisturizers, covering your daily needs to give you a healthy constitution.

Morning: Take 1 Soft-Gel 20 minutes before breakfast.

Take 1 Soft-Gels 1 hour before bedtime.